Third Party Payment
  • Online Payment Solutions
    We are a top tier third party online payment services provider which specializes in payment solutions for leading online investment, consumer financing and crowd funding platforms, among others. We are one of the few third party online payment companies with the capacity to handle billions of transactions in China thanks to our extensive network of over 200 banks, distinct system stability, robust information security and settlement quotation speeds. We tailor back-end infrastructure and payment interfaces according to the needs of each of our customer’s platform to ensure end-users enjoy a smooth payment service, regardless of the device they use. Our reliable payment channels have an established credibility among users and have retained a loyal base of active users since our inception.

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  • Cross-border Payment Solutions
    With a strong track record of providing seamless third party payment solutions to merchants and SMEs throughout China, we received authorization from the PBOC to engage in the cross-border RMB settlement business through partnerships with national banks in 2015. Since then, we have extended our payment services to a number of Chinese merchants and its consumers with cross-border operations. We provide integrated payment, remittance and settlement arrangements for our customers to help them settle trades with overseas merchants with ease. Our cross-border payment solutions currently support over 10 industries, including goods and services trade, airline, hotel, logistics and medical services. Our services cover overseas merchants located in around 20 countries and support settlements in nine major international currencies.

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  • Point-of-sale Solutions
    As one of the 62* third party payment service providers which have obtained nationwide bank card acceptance licenses from the PBOC, we provide point-of-sale (POS) solutions which integrate mobile payment hardware, e-commerce mobile applications and information system services together for individual business owners and small-to-medium sized merchants. This integrated service provides accessible and affordable tools for small merchants to grow a business and participate in the wider economy.

    Our hardware service enables merchant users to accept bank card payments from consumers with a portable chip reader or mobile POS machine, which can either connect physically to a smartphone or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Together with our e-commerce mobile apps, businesses are able to seamlessly manage these transactions and monitor their account balances in real time. In addition, we also offer flexible fund deposit options for merchants, with the choice of having funds deposited on a T+1 basis, in line with the bank settlement period, or an instant invoice financing on a T+0 basis. Based on their trading records, merchants can also apply for cash in advance. Other value-added financial services, such as our e-wallet, utility payment and inter-bank fund transfer services, provide users with convenient and flexible fund management arrangements.

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    *As of 1 December 2016