Online Investment
We provide online investment services for investors throughout China which can be accessed through industry-leading internet and mobile applications in our ecosystem. Our online investment platforms serve as P2P marketplaces for various types of financial assets such as secured SME loans, unsecured consumer loans, , as well as other traditional financial products including equities, mutual funds, fixed income, currencies and insurance products.

We are differentiated from other traditional financial services providers by the flexible investment products that we offer. Investments can start as low as RMB 100 and can be invested for a few weeks to a few years, and all of which is made as simple as possible through our automated platforms.

Over the years, our dedication to providing our customers with an exceptional mobile experience has generated a loyal and regular user base, especially among the young to middle-age mass affluent class who are our most active investor group. Their faith in us stems from the ease of which they experience using our mobile apps, from easily keeping track of their investment record to tapping a button to perform fund transfers to and from bank accounts, checking balances in real-time and generating monthly integrated investment portfolio statements on our platforms. Furthermore, we promote user retention by offering year-round customer loyalty and referral programs and special promotions linked to major Chinese festivals and customs.

As a financial information intermediary, our online investment platforms are committed to securing our investors’ investments. We have adopted strict controls that measure asset quality against a comprehensive and stringent set of criteria and conduct checks on partnering institutions that provide products on our platforms. We also cooperate with third party guarantors on our peer-to-peer products which offers further protection for our investors that is in compliance with the regulatory framework. We are proud to be among the first batch of platforms that have appointed commercial banks as bank custodians for clients’ funds, which comply with the relevant regulatory requirements, and that our operation and information security systems meet with ISO9001 and ISO27001 international standards.